About Us

Hi I'm Livia


A little about me....I classify myself as an extrovert that needs some down time every now and then, but will always be down for a throwdown if challenged at a dance off at ANY wedding!


In fact, my smoking hot husband almost ended up with a locked jaw when I surprised him with a samba performance at our wedding! There were more feathers and sequin that he had even seen in his life.


But you won't be able to tell by my simple demeanour here! This show gal has retired her heels, sequins, sneakers and bgirl beanie for a messy bun and multiple leggings after a 15 year career as a professional dancer and teacher. 


I live in Ottawa, Canada and I still skate and ski like a toddler.  My drop-dead-gorgeous husband Steve and my spunky-singer-monkey 9 year old Mila are my everything! We have 2 cats, Dexter and Chiclet (I'm super allergic...the things I do 🤷‍♀️), that provide countless hours of entertainment


So what's my thang? You ask.


I help Crossfit athletes move past the stigma that the sport creates tons of injury by arming them with simple and effective tactics to keep them injury free and increasing their range of motion while keeping their joints healthy...and most of all, STABLE.


I want to help people stay in the game for the long haul. I want them to be proud of HOW they move so that when they move that bar it looks sexy AF! So that anyone watching will not cringe, waiting for disaster to hit. 


It's not Sunday but the girl is preaching!  



Your Ultimate Guide To Recovery to Amplify and Annihilate Your Training Everyday

10 ACTIONABLE tips to stay one step ahead of your injuries by nipping them in the bud and avoiding them all together.