I went from a

dancer's beat up

body to a thriving

"ageing" athlete... 

Hi, I’m Livia

I know if you're here it's because you have high standards for yourself and you’re striving to push to your limits. That feeling you get when you reach higher than you previously thought possible, and actually, surpass yourself is what drives the human spirit. We all have the need to expand. I'm betting that the need to reach those goals are at the forefront of your mind. So what happens when your body is not keeping up with your mind?


Maybe you're feeling like you're not recovering fast enough?

Are there days when you feel like you may need to warm up just to get out of bed?

If only there was a WD-40 you could keep by your bedside table for your joints and achy muscles, right?


I danced professionally for over 10 years and then taught dance full time for another 5 so I know what it's like to feel beat down and still have to go go go. It also taught me, now as a Rolf practitioner, to understand that being told to stop your crazy workouts is just not an option!


Whatever is driving you to get fit, stay fit or push your fitness to new heights should not be stopped by an aching body. I'm not talking about that delicious burn after a good hard workout but that ache that throws you off your game because the fear of injury is looming.  It's an awful feeling to constantly be modifying your training and feeling limited. Instead, what we're all after is the feeling of being limitless in our pursuit of greatness.


Recurring injuries, gnawing pains and slow recovery are the enemy!


Ok, so you want to recover at the same speed as you did 20 years ago?  In order to do that, it’s going to take a bit more focus than it did back then.  With your will, I will show you the way!


I look forward to meeting you and helping you to gain the health and mobility that your life demands.


You will learn about the connections in your body that make you prone to injury, why it’s so hard to recover once you’ve hurt yourself and how to fix this once and for all so you can blast through your performance plateaus.


Want to learn what you might not already know about mobility?

Your FREE guide to key strategies to keep training at your peak (even if you think getting older is messing with your body)

Yes I want to crush my training! No I love being stiff and sore.

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