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I danced professionally for over 15 years, pushed my body to its breaking point daily and was often dependent on bodywork to keep myself going. I tried many therapies that helped but nothing made as profound or lasting change as the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. The results I experienced were so profound that I made a bold decision to become a Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner in 2013. I had the opportunity to study with the late and Rolfer Emmett Hutchins, Dr. Ida Rolf’s first appointed teacher.

Soon after, I got a position in a Crossfit Gym and I now have been working with hundreds of high performance athletes. Many of them are desk bound for most of the day and suffer from pain and decreased mobility due to poor work posture and prolonged sitting. Compound this with complex movements and heavy weight and you have a recipe for disaster. Being a crossfitter myself, I understand the effects of training on the body and have developed an individual approach to correcting imbalances to optimize function and performance.

What is Rolf Structural Integration?

It is a type of hands-on therapy that deals with the fascia that covers and connects every muscle, bone, nerve artery, vein and all of our internal organs. Trauma to the body, poor posture or repetitive stress from performing the same movement has a cumulative effect on the body and can create restrictions and tension in the fascia. Rolfing works to address these lines of tension so that your whole body functions more efficiently and in a pain-free manner.


What is the difference between Rolf Therapy and Massage?

Typically massage therapists and physiotherapists will approach the body based on your chief complaint; perhaps focusing most or all of their attention in that area.  This approach works well to diminish the initial pain but because the body compensates for previous injuries or bad postural habits, you may be surprised to find that the underlying issue is far away from the area where the pain is felt.  Without addressing the whole body, you may not get lasting results. SI approaches the pain from a biomechanical and postural perspective, taking into account that functional movements involve more than one joint so you must look at more than just the area of pain for true lasting results.


How can Rolf Therapy help Athletes?

No matter what sport or activity you’re doing, if you’re trying to build and perfect your technique with flawed range of motion, you can only get so far.  You don’t want the movement to be dictated by your limited mobility, rather, you want to make the movement look and feel precise because you have a surplus range of motion and you choose where the movement ends through your strength, stability and good technique. Good mobility plays a huge role in recovery and injury prevention as well.


You can do hours of mobility on your own and get good results...but the question is, will you? My clients range from weekend warriors to elite athletes and despite a committed level of mobility, there’s nothing like adding light years to your mobility through the work of expert hands.


You have nothing to worry about. Both massage therapy and Rolf Therapy are covered under RMT.  Please check with your insurer if you need a Dr's referral.


We do not do direct billing. Please be prepared to pay for your appointment at the time of your appointment.

***Prices do not include HST and are subject to HST


30 minute massage therapy appointment​ $59.00

45 minute massage therapy appointment​ $77.00

60 minute massage therapy appointment​ $92.00

75 minute massage therapy appointment​ $120.00

90 minute massage therapy appointment​ $145.00

75-90 minute Rolf Structural Integration appointment $147.00 


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