Custom Mobility Services

Getting proper mobility is more than just getting flexy and preventing injuries, it’s about maximizing your potential, crushing your WODs and busting through your plateaus.

  • Don’t throw in the towel...there’s enough laundry as it is!
  • You want a deeper squat? I got ya!
  • You want better overhead mobility? Yup I got ya!


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Increase Your Range of Motion

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Get You Stable and Strong Joints

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Increase Your Performance

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Decrease Your Pain Levels

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Give You Better Functional Symmetrie

Don’t confuse “busy” with progress.

Just because you’ve pulled out a foam roller or mindlessly tugged at some bands, it doesn’t mean you’re making optimal progress.

In the same way that a meticulously planned workout is way better than wandering through the dumbbell rack, pounding out a few reps and calling it a workout.

It’s clear that if you want results, you need a plan.


Becoming a Mob-Junkie athlete gives you an edge on mobility routines that truly create results
that not only increases your ranges but translates to improvements in the gym.

Our individualized program is tailor-made to give you results by taking into account your personal limitations and goals combined with tried-and-tested exercises to create new ranges and strong joints.

With this proven system, you can achieve your results in as little as 15 minutes a day. You’ll develop healthy daily habits that will improve your movement quality and give you confidence in your lifts.

Take the guesswork out and jump straight into exercises that yield results over and over again.

Let me help you excel to your highest standards.


After spending many years treating athletes deep in their environment, we noticed that awareness of the need for mobility wasn’t enough. Some people theoretically understand its necessity but don’t apply it. Some need accountability and some just need a plan.

Some people still believe that if they shove a kettlebell deep into their muscles or frantically roll around on a lacrosse ball before and after class, this should do it, unaware that they may actually be diminishing their results in the process.


At Mobility Junkie, we believe in:

1 - Correct form - your whole body participates so a sloppy stretch translates to sloppy technique (and possible injuries)

2 - Developing a “usable” mobility - there’s no sense in being flexible if you’re unable to translate it into your lifts

3 - Joint stability - we focus on giving you exercises that not only gives you new ranges but provides stability to keep you injury-free and constantly improving

4 - Your goals are our goals - we truly and deeply care, want you to succeed, want you to reach your goals and we genuinely get excited about your progress

5 - Improving performance - whether it’s hitting a new PR or getting through class without pain
and restriction, we want the results to show up when you do

6 - Creating a plan - nothing epic was ever built without a plan - we don’t believe in random hopes for your success

7 - Using time efficiently - we know your time is precious so giving you the best strategies without
the fluff is essential

8 - The truth is - that your body can go harder, faster and longer without injury and feel invincible when you optimize your mobility, stability and recovery

9 - Training smart is better than training hard - some people try to out-train their poor form with more volume and end up with more injuries when they could be arming themselves with smarter tactics instead

10 - Knowledge is not power - unless you are acting on that knowledge so our goal is to get you
taking the right actions towards your success

Customized Programs

Mobility routines that match your goals, fitness level and address your personal restrictions.


Paying for a program you don’t use is wasted money. We want your success as much as you do so we’ll be keeping track of your progress and keep you true to your goals.

Direct Coach Support

You will have access to your coach for ongoing support and questions to make sure you’re getting optimal results, proper technique and necessary tweaks to your programming.

Evidence based practice

Research and follow-up courses are kept current to keep you on the leading edge of mobility and recovery.

Proper Form

Our head coach Livia will periodically request videos to review your exercises and make sure you’re getting the most benefit from proper form and technique.


Access your program anytime, anywhere.


But don’t take our word for it...hear what our members have to say about it...see real results.



  • Fill out your application form
  • Your coach will then set up a goal-setting call
  • Download the coaching app and access your program from anywhere
  • Follow your individualized mobility program and track your progress


  • Detailed step-by-step exercise videos
  • Cues and scaling options to optimize your exercises
  • Prep exercises to do before workouts
  • Mashing techniques for decreasing pain and adhesion
  • Maximizing techniques to increase ROM and joint stability

Yes I want to know when this fabulous course will be launched!