Get smarter about your training and recovery 

Why are you sitting like a douche?

 Did you know that beyond looking like a troll and wreaking havoc on your mobility, there are some powerful psychological reasons as to why you should sit straight?


I’m not shy to embrace the woo-woo but I understand that many of you won’t be convinced unless there’s some hard facts backed by research. I got you!


Firstly, I want you to understand that I’m all up in that mobility training as well as all the activities that push your body and keep you healthy. Though, it’s important to understand that you’re probably training a few hours a week but spending as much as 8 times more hours sitting at your desk or in your car.


How you sit can negatively or positively impact your training.




If you spend your day with your shoulders rounded, your neck cranked forward and your lower back slouched, you are training your body to imprint and record that as your preferred posture.


Yuck, right?



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The 3 major holes in most experts’ approach to dealing with pain and injury.

Let's just jump right in...





Pain is a great indicator.  It signals that things are not quite as they should and deserve some attention.  It’s part of the healing process that’s necessary to get us back on our feet.


Though, pain is not always the source of the problem.


Treating the specific location of the injury is important in triggering healing but what is often overlooked is how that injury may have had the perfect set up.  What might be the biomechanical or postural issues that were present before the injury that may have compromised the body?


Think of it this way:


If you carve a tiny notch in a wooden stick and then apply force to break it, where will it break?  In the area of weakness right?


The body will also have it’s version of tiny notches that make it weaker.  Perhaps even an old injury can become that notch and further perpetuate the...

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Getting Primal with Matt Philion

I've had the pleasure to connect (and subsequently reconnect) with Matt Philion from Primal Mobility Centre because a mutual client of ours mentioned we should probably chat.  


He is a super smart guy who genuinely cares about his clients and their progress.  He's a constant motivation and inspiration to myself and his tribe.


Matt came from a fitness background as a personal trainer and got into FST (Fascial Stretch Technique) to help his clients prevent injuries and work more optimally.  He currently coaches mobility remotely through an online platform and offers support and accountability to his athletes in his program. He has countless success stories and an instagram filled with great exercises and tips to help athletes of all levels.


So we're going to jump into three awesome tips that we agree are so important in athletic success.


Tip #1




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Your Ultimate Guide To Recovery to Amplify and Annihilate Your Training Everyday

10 ACTIONABLE tips to stay one step ahead of your injuries by nipping them in the bud and avoiding them all together.